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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

​Part I General Questions

1.      Are the latex gloves made of natural latex?

Yes, latex gloves are made of natural rubber which is harvested from the rubber trees that you can find commonly in Malaysia; it is well known that Malaysia has better latex material.

2.      Why latex glove is a better choice for protecting?

Latex, being the main raw material in rubber gloves manufacturing, it demonstrates superior elasticity, strength and barrier protection, it can be used in many application fields such as medical, industry, food processing, beauty care etc.

3.      The difference between chlorinated and polymer coated latex powder free gloves.

In color: Chlorinated latex powder free glove is light yellow color and polymer coated latex glove is milky white color.

In protein content: the chlorinated glove is lower than the Polymer coated glove

4.      What difference is between powdered and powder free latex gloves?

Powdered latex glove has powder on surface; powder free latex glove has no powder on. How to choose the right glove? It depends on the usage. Such as: in food or electronics Industry, you need to use powder free glove to avoid the powder adhesion.

5.      Are the prices of latex powdered glove and powder free glove same?

No, powder free glove is expensive than powdered 

6.      Why polymer coated latex glove changes color to a little yellow after some time?

Because the latex gloves have their own way of keeping themselves well, such as:

1. hands getting sweat, or hands have nicotine after smoking will easy change the glove  color.
2.gloves need to be stored in the dry condition, without sunshine and light exposure

7.      How to tell the quality of latex glove?

A better quality glove won’t be air leakage after inflated, better elasticity than balloon.

Part II Initial Order Questions

1.      What is the maximum loading of 20ft, 40ft and 40hq?

1) Latex exam glove: 1700 cartons/20ft, 3100 cartons/40ft, 4000 cartons/40hq

2) Nitrile exam glove: 1700 cartons/20ft, 3100 cartons/40ft, 4000 cartons/40hq

3) Vinyl exam glove:  1700 cartons/20ft, 3100 cartons/40ft, 4000 cartons/40hq

4) Latex surgical glove: 420 cartons/20ft, 40 cartons/40ft, 1000 cartons/40hq

2. Can mix different gloves in a container?

Yes, we can do that for you

3. Can make the gloves in my own brand (design)?

Yes, we provide OEM service for customers

4. What are the disadvantages of less container loading (LCL)?

1) The price is higher than FCL
2) has extra FOB fee than FCL 
3) has fumigation fee, but FCL hasn’t.
4) Freight charge is higher than FCL.

5) It may cause contamination on the gloves when mixing with other products in the same container.

6) It may cause carton damage in LCL quantity easier than in FCL.

5. What is the minimum purchase per order?

The minimum order is 700 cartons. However, if you happen to be our 1st time customer, and wish to carry on a trial cooperation, we will be glad to consider the minimal quantity, but on a case-to-case basis.

6. What payment terms you can offer?

The normal payment terms are either by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) or Letter of Credit (LC-to be accepted/authenticated by our banks), for the small quantity orders, PayPal is also available.

7. What is the shipment lead time?

Generally speaking, if not in busy season, the lead time is about 30-35 days after the confirmed order.

8. Do you have your own brand?

Yes, we do have our own brand "Winmed"

9. Are your gloves all manufactured in Malaysia?

1) Malaysia: latex exam gloves, latex surgical gloves and nitrile exam gloves are made in Malaysia

2) China: Vinyl exam gloves are made in China

10. What sizes do your gloves have?


​11. Why choose us to be your business partner?

Here we don’t want to boast the good price and premium quality about our gloves, but talk about some qualities that our team have.

​1)      The purpose of “Winmed” group is not only sell products but also find a way to help our customers to win the business in the market.

2)      we will introduce the better right gloves to our customers to fit their business

3)      We have offices both in Malaysia and China, with which we can find a better solution for customers to mix products both from China and Malaysia in one container.

4)      We have a professional team to serve our customers even in different time zone.

5)      we also have a quantity of glove samples in China office, when customers couldn’t visit our Malaysia factory but only be able to come to China, we also can provide the samples (All samples are made in Malaysia factory, except the vinyl gloves)

6)      We can send samples to our customers from China office, because many forwarders in China can provide better service with lower freight charge. Thus we can save a great deal of freight cost for our customers.

Part III Quality Assurance Questions

1.      What quality controls do you use in your factories?

We emphasize on stringent quality control procedures in line with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, in compliance with ASTM. We strongly stress on Total Quality Management and the Quality Control tests are conducted from the beginning we receiving our raw materials straight through the production processes and the finished products. Compulsory pre-shipment inspections are carried out before the delivery of each order.

2.      What is distinct about Winmed glove's manufacturing practices?

With our state-of-art high technology and efficient automatic glove manufacturing machines, we continue to obtain the most productive manufacturing yield and to remain as one of the most cost-effective and highest quality producer in the industry. 
Our factories are also nearby the largest seaport in Malaysia i.e. Port Klang. The port, with its modern facilities and direct calls arrangement with all major ports around the world is capable of ensuring timely deliveries without delays.

3.      What certificate do you have for now?

We are Listed Company both in German and UK, at the same time we continue to strictly control the quality of the product quality to get more certificates

For now, the certificate we have: Test Report.  ISO 13485, ISO 9001, LGM 2015, MBSA2013, and will get CE soon as we are working on it now.

4.      Is the quality always as good as the same?

Yes, we strictly control the quality of gloves to avoid gloves production quality problems during different periods.
QL 14, Tan Thanh, 

Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam